For Multiemployer Health and Pension Plans

Preparing for the Audit...

The Fund Administrator will provide copies of plan documents, booklets, notices, disclosure statements, government filings, and other requested material to the Research Department for compliance review. The material will be carefully evaluated prior to an on-site visit.

The On-Site Visit...

A Compliance Examiner will visit on-site to review files, examine administrative practices and procedures and interview the Fund Administrator and staff.  With the IRS and DOL audit guidelines as the focus, the examiner will be verifying that...


Documents such as SPD's and numerous required health care and pension notices are up-to-date and distributed on time


Participants going into payment status have been appropriately advised of all rights and options


Participants are properly credited with all hours to which they are entitled


Individual benefit payments are properly tested for limitations under IRC 415


The coverage requirements under IRC 410(b) are satisfied


Trustee policy statements on delinquent contributions, proxy voting, investment objectives, reciprocal agreements, and allowable expenses are followed


QDRO's and QMCSO's are properly handled

After the visit...

Following the visit, the Compliance Examiner will submit to the Fund Trustees and Fund Administrator...


A Compliance Audit Report of findings, including a Statement of Certification regarding the Funds' compliance with IRS and DOL standards, with a listing of specific areas of potential non-compliance and suggestions for improvement


A Special Report to Fund Counsel, if needed, commenting on legal matters that seem to deviate from normal legal practices of other similar multiemployer fund

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