Barb Thomas - Benefits Consultant

Barb leads the UAS pension benefit calculation and QDRO team.  Barb and her team use their expertise in interpreting pension plan documents, in applying legal requirements impacting benefit and QDRO (i.e. divorce) calculations, as well as their knowledge of suspension rules, minimum required distributions and actuarial adjustments not only to review fund office benefit calculations, but also to complete individual benefit and QDRO calculations.  Barb is also responsible for leading special recalculation projects requested by fund offices and fund counsels, for providing actuarial equivalent factor tables and for reviewing client pension forms.

Barb joined UAS in 2011 with more than 15 years of administrative experience working with defined benefit plans, defined contributions plans, and health and welfare plans.  Barb holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from Indiana University, Bloomington.