United Actuarial Services, Inc. (UAS) has provided full-service actuarial consulting to multiemployer plans since 1951.  Until 2001, UAS was the actuarial division of a third-party administration firm, but is now a freestanding corporation.  We are a regional firm with enough depth to address complex issues and stay at the forefront of innovation, but small enough to ensure consistent, top-notch client service and fair pricing.

We think that we offer a number of advantages for a multiemployer pension or healthcare fund searching for a new actuary/consultant.

Multiemployer Focus - We specialize in providing services to multiemployer (Taft-Hartley) pension and health care plans and are one of the few employee benefits consulting and actuarial firms that focuses exclusively on servicing this community.  This focus means our reports, consulting services and advice are all specifically geared to address the unique concerns and issues faced by multiemployer trustees and fund professionals.

Experience - Our professional staff includes consultants, actuaries, research specialists and an attorney who are experts in the employee benefits field and are well acquainted with the special issues facing multiemployer benefit funds.  We have approximately 200 clients in 27 states ranging from New York to Nebraska.

Advanced Reporting - To assist Trustees in making timely decisions about their benefit fund, UAS utilizes advanced reporting and planning tools:

Examples of pension fund tools:


Real-Time Pension Model - provides dynamic 25-year projections of various statistics including: PPA zone, funded ratio, ERISA credit balance, unfunded vested benefits, etc. The pension model can be projected at an in-person meeting or webcast over the Internet.


Cutting edge Employer Withdrawal Liability reporting capabilities, including empowering the fund office or attorney to respond to employer requests without incurring additional actuarial fees.

Examples of healthcare fund tools:


Real-Time Healthcare Model - provides dynamic projections of financials, including net months of reserves, for the next 3 years.  Like the pension model, the healthcare model can be projected at an in-person meeting or webcast over the Internet.


Comprehensive annual report with quarterly updates.

Competitive Pricing - UAS offers a comprehensive, flat-fee Basic Services package designed to include all of the services expected to be performed on an annually recurring basis.  This approach minimizes ad-hoc billing and allows the Trustees to have a fair basis on which to budget Fund expenses.

As a testament to our commitment to delivering expert service at a fair price, our average client relationship has been maintained for over 20 years.  In fact, we established many of the multiemployer plans operating today.